Brandon Aldrich vs. Simon Jackson

Total Running Time: 25:07
File Size: SD 302.5MB/ HD 1.46GB

Brandon Aldrich 6' 189 24yo
Simon Jackson 6í' 167 18yo

Simon (white speedos) has been asking for a match against Brandon (grey shorts/black speedos) ever since he first wrestled for Movimus. Simon likes wrestling bigger guys. This match took place on the shore of a private lake on a picture perfect day. Great scenery, great wrestling and a real fun match.

These two wrestlers turned out to be good friends, but that didn't take away from each of their competitive nature and desire to win. The twenty plus pounds on Brandon (all tan muscle, by the way) doesn't ever phase Simon. Simon is tough kid and trained wrestler. He knows he can beat big guys with his strong legs, although we are still waiting for him to do it in an Movimus match!

Brandon has really perfected the choke hold and he goes for it right away. Simon isn't sure how to get out of that, and struggles furiously to get out. Brandon throws the choke on Simon every chance he gets, until Simon has had enough.

Simon comes back fast and hard , catches Brandon in a vicious body scissors, and has Brandon screaming "I give!". The third match goes to Brandon, the fourth match goes to Simon. Really even, good submission wrestling. In between each match, the two wrestlers play around in the lake. Some good wrestling there too, but just playing. On the mat it's not play at all.

The fifth and final fall is an all out war. Neither wants to give up. It's the younger vs. older and Brandon hates being the older. You'll have to watch this match to see who is victorious. Guaranteed you won't be disappointed.

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