Tommy "Slick" Perris vs. Justin Roberts

Total Running Time: 23:11
File Size: SD 278.3MB/ HD 1.34GB

Tommy "Slick" Perris            5'8"             157 lbs           19yo
Justin Roberts                      6'1"             164 lbs           22yo

When Justin (Black speedos) saw Tommy (blue speedos) wrestle Cal Fairchild, and found out that they went to the same college, the challenge was out there. Justin wanted a shot at the HS wrestler who looks so impressively strong. Justin figured that his height and extra strong and long legs would be his "weapon". He was right. Tommy wasn't sure how to handle this good submission wrestler who was on the attach with his legs at every turn of the match. At one point, Justin had Tommy in a vicious head scissors with his right arm barred!. Tommy groaned and had to use every ounce of muscle he had to escape.

Tommy finally started fighting fire with fire. He turned Justin to his back and threw in his own legs in an tight body scissors. Once he cross-faced Justin, it was all over. Tommy was on his back with Justin in the body scissors and cross-faced -- and Justin tapped.

The next match was even more aggressive. Justin didn't want to lose to the younger, smaller guy and he was challenged to get at least a draw. This last submission in this match is long held, powerful, strong and decisive. It's one for the record books.

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