Enrique Tallos vs. Paul Ritacco

Total Running Time: 26:57
File Size: SD 327.9MB/ HD 1.85GB

Enrique Tallos 5'6" 134 18yo
Paul Ritacco 5'9" 137 18yo

Once again Enrique (purple speedos) brought one of his school chums to wrestle. Paul (black speedos) is a great runner, as is Enrique. He did some wrestling in Junior High and he was totally psyched to take on Enrique. Paul just came to the Chicago Mat Room to watch a match or two. After he did, he started fooling around with Enrique and then begged us to give him the match. This is one of those matches that goes a full 30 minutes without a break, stop or pause, and only one submission at the end.

These two wrestlers are as evenly matched as we can find, both in awesome shape, tough and both with a must win attitude. Enrique has been practicing and actively looking for young guys that he can wrestle and he sure found a worthy opponent in Paul. Early on in the match, Paul gets caught in a tight scissors right across his throat. We thought it was all over. Enrique had him real good and he was choking Paul out with his legs. But Paul proved to be real tough and would not give up. He keeps working for his own head scissors on Enrique and eventually gets out of the scissors. It's give and take all the way in this one ñ but there is a definite winner. Exhaustion, fatigue, tired muscles and frustration all lead up to this win. The tougher wrestler is completely chosen and proves his ability.

This is without a doubt one of the best Movimus matches you will ever see. These lightweights give their all -- and then some.


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