Rinaldo Peluso vs. Tivad Winters

Total Running Time: 32:09
File Size: SD 410.5MB/ HD 2.36GB

Rinaldo Peluso 5'10" 154 21yo
Tivad Winters 5'6" 143 19yo

Two more wrestlers from South Africa. Rinaldo (red speedos) is a tall , lanky, overconfident wrestler who believes he can beat anyone within ten pounds of his weight. Tivad (black speedos) is a really quick, virile brawler. The other South African wrestlers have nick named him "wrestling rat". He loves beating on the big guys.

Rinaldo is taller and heavier but he can't match Tivad. Tivad is all over him right from the start. Anytime Rinaldo begins to reverse a hold, Tivad just grabs his head and twists him to the mat. At one point Tivad's legs are wrapped right across Rinaldo's throat and Tivad twists and squeezes so that Rinaldo can't even say "I give". Rinaldo does tie up Tivad in a nasty cradle that has the little guy in a lot of trouble. No way out, he has to tap, but he comes right back more determined and angry.

Rinaldo got a lesson. He asked for an easier opponent next time.

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