Cole Brooks vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 24:44
File Size: SD 301.9MB/ HD 1.43GB

Cole Brooks          5'10"         199 lbs       22yo
Max Anderson      5'11"          181 lbs       21yo

Cole (blue speedos) asked for a match against Max (green speedos) a long time ago. Because of his college soccer schedule, we've had to put this match off till his season was over. We warned Max that Cole was a really tough kid with big muscles, especially his legs. The totally confident Max Anderson was sure he could handle the challenge.

Right off the start Max works fast and gets behind Cole with a great full nelson. He pushes and keeps it locked on really tight for almost a full minute before Cole taps out. Cole now comes back ready for a real brawl. He brings Max to the mat and uses his awesome power to easily keep Max on the defensive. Cole stays behine Max working on his face and head. When he wraps his legs around Max for the body scissors, Max immediately goes for his favorite hold, the ankle lock that he has beaten so many opponents with. But Cole has watched Max's matches. No way is he going to be caught in that ankle lock. Cole escapes each and every attempt Max makes. Cole's huge arms has Max struggling to get his head released and to get some air. Cole is out to beat the "pretty boy" at all cost. Finally a vicious chest scissors has Max in real trouble. Cole squeezes with everything he has and Max does everything he possibly can to escape. Cole's power and strength is just no match for Max and Max is forced to tap.

They continue for a couple more matches and it's all out submission wrestling at it's best. Max uses his thighs to really squeeze and weaken Cole. Max starts wrestling faster and with more confidence and has Cole struggling to counter all the moves and locks. Cole uses his incredible power to push Max off him a few times. This is great. Max is challenged much more than we anticipated. We've already scheduled the rematch.

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