Bobby Bigelow vs. Ty Richardson

Total Running Time: 26:21
File Size: SD 269.4MB/ HD 1.26GB

Bobby Bigelow 5'11" 177 19yo
Ty Richardson 5'10" 168 31yo

Ty Richardson, (purple speedos), came from Australia on a visit to NYC and asked Movimus for a couple of matches. He said he was a real good submission wrestler and he wanted to take on young, tough guys within ten pounds of his weight. So we decided to give Bobby Bigelow (blue speedos) a shot at a more experienced submission wrestler. Bobby has been working hard at learning more advanced moves and holds and has shown a lot of improvement since we first met him. We thought this would be a good challenge for the "young kid".

When the match started, Ty almost immediately put Bobby into an adam's apple choke hold and got the first submission. Bobby obviously wasn't ready for that hold, but after all, this is "NO HOLDS BARRED". Bobby came back for the second match much more prepared for anything the tough Aussie might try. Ty worked real hard, fought as tough a match as he has ever fought and eventually caught Bobby in the triangular leg lock for the submission.

Bobby, very impressed at this point, was also very determined and clamped on many tight, tough locks in the third fall eventually getting the submission using a front head and arm lock. Ty was duly impressed with the strength of the younger wrestler.

The next two falls were awesome. Neither wrestler wanted to give in and lasted as long as he could. The match is great - super wrestling. Ty brought all his skill and stamina to America and had to use every bit of it against Bobby Bigelow. Ty was so impressed with the young wrestler that he wrote an email almost immediately after the match requesting a rematch. Maybe Bobby will go to Australia for that one.

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