Pete Chambers vs. Stephano Artega

Total Running Time: 21:30
File Size: SD 262.7MB/ HD 2.36GB

Pete Chambers            5'11"           144 lbs          18yo
Stephano Artega          5'7"             141 lbs          23yo

Pete (black speedos) wanted to challenge the gymnast, Stephano (purple speedos). We think Pete was intimidated just watching Stephano stretch before the match. His incredible flexibility is astounding. He can do a split as easily as you or I can bend down. Pete knows he's in really good shape, after all, he's a boxer, but he knew he couldn't bend his body the way Stephano did.

They start out pretty even.  Pete uses his upper body and tries to keep a head lock on Stephano.   He tries to overturn his legs so Stephano's weight is on his shoulders, but Steph just lets him.   We could see Pete is getting frustrated.  When Stephano reverses and gets the upper position, Pete has to struggle to keep out of tight submission holds.  One wicked body scissors has Pete gasping for air, but he's a scrappy kid.  He uses his height advantage well and keeps moving to break the hold.  Pete's tough and determined.  He just won't quit, and it's great to watch him in action.

Stephano begins to get tired after about 15 minutes of non-stop action.  He forces a thumb into Pete's eye at one point, and Pete gets pissed.   They just keep tossing each other around ,exchanging some really excellent technical moves.  Pete slams Stephano hard, twice, but it has no effect.   Stephano is just in too good shape.

This is a 25 minute brawl with just one submission.   That's rare at Movimus - but always welcome.

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