Dillon Walsh vs. Ron Wilson: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 29:12
File Size: HD 1.7GB/ 4K 6.58GB

Dillon Walsh 5'11" 189 20yo
Ron Wilson 5'9" 179 22yo

THE REMATCH! This is awesome. Dillon (black/yellow speedos) really wanted to get even with Ron (blue speedos). He wanted to beat Ron . He asked for some new moves and holds before the match. We told him to use those huge arms and chest and go for a vicious head lock and to hold on until Ron taps. We even got Dillon to practice on other guys so he knew just how to apply it.

They started pretty rough and Ron took Dillon to the mat fast. Dillon pushed Ron off and turned to get on top. Ron just lifted his legs and caught Dillon in a nasty head scissors. Ron pulled an arm back and Dillon was really in trouble. He took the head scissors for a long time - trying everything he could to get out, but finally tapped out.

Second match was all Dillon. He was on the mat , Ron on top, and got the headlock on real tight. He used his weight to roll Ron onto his back and it was all over. Ron was finished. He tapped fast.

The rest of the match is a real brawl. They wrestled for 20 more minutes and both wrestlers were exhausted. All kinds of moves and muscle - incredible sight. These two wrestlers are not finished with each other. It's no where near being over. We scheduled a weekend of wrestling for both of them this summer.

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