Brian Hollister vs. Jared Stone

Total Running Time: 24:20
File Size: SD 292.3MB/ HD 1.83GB

Brian Hollister 6' 214 23yo
Jared Stone 5'7" 194 25yo

Newcomer Jared (blue speedos) is a tough, trained wrestler that loves a challenge. This blond, blue - eyed muscle boy is just the kind of guy we like at Movimus. His first opponent is super muscle boy Brian (green speedos). Jared is very cocky and is totally convinced that the 20 pounds of extra muscle on Brian will be easy for him to handle. We warned Jared that Brian is arguable the toughest of all the Movimus wrestlers, but Jared is convinced that he can take him on skill alone.

Right away Jared proves that he is up to the challenge. Brian uses his power to being Jared to the mat, but Jared reverses and uses all great moves to keep Brian on his back. Jared tries for the head scissors, but Brian just powers out. Incredibly, when Jared is caught in Brian's head scissors, Jared escapes and reverses quite effectively. Jared keeps turning Brian on his back and Brian keeps powering out. Both guys want to win. Brian hates to lose and can really use his power when he wants too. His legs are incredibly strong and Jared knows enough to stay away from them. Jared knows lots of submission moves and often has Brian struggling to get free.

Brian is just too strong. His headlock is a real killer. No one has been able to escape Brian's headlock when he uses his weight and clamps his huge guns around his opponents neck. Jared is no exception. This matches goes more than twenty minutes with just one submission. Brian really gets to show his stuff against Jared, and Jared is ready for more.

Jared is already talking about taking on the best at Movimus. He'll get his shot.

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