Brian Hollister vs. Jared Stone

Total Running Time: 24:20
File Size: HD 1.83GB/ 4K 5.42GB

Brian Hollister 6' 214 23yo
Jared Stone 5'7" 194 25yo

Newest contender, Jared, who steps into the ring in blue speedos, bringing with him a blend of toughness, skill, and an unyielding desire for challenge. With his blond hair and blue eyes, Jared epitomizes the spirited muscle boy archetype that has become a hallmark of Movimus competitors. His debut match against Brian, the super muscle boy in green speedos, was anticipated with much excitement and a hint of caution.

Despite being warned about Brian’s reputation as arguably the toughest wrestler in Movimus, Jared, brimming with confidence, believed his skill would easily overcome Brian’s 20-pound muscle advantage. The match commenced with Brian leveraging his strength to bring Jared to the mat, but it didn't take long for Jared to showcase his prowess by reversing positions and keeping Brian on the defensive.

Throughout the match, both wrestlers displayed incredible tenacity and skill. Jared, attempting head scissors, found Brian too powerful to hold, yet demonstrated remarkable agility to escape and reverse when caught in Brian’s grip. It became a game of cat and mouse, with Jared constantly maneuvering Brian onto his back, and Brian using his formidable strength to break free.

Despite Jared’s knowledge of numerous submission moves and his strategic efforts to avoid Brian’s powerful legs, Brian’s headlock proved to be insurmountable. His ability to clamp down with significant weight and strength left Jared with no choice but to submit after a grueling twenty-minute battle.

This match was more than a competition; it was a testament to the high level of athleticism and determination that defines Movimus Wrestling. Jared, undeterred by the loss, is already eyeing future matches against the best in Movimus, promising more thrilling encounters ahead.

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