Jim Brennan vs. Gary Wayne

Total Running Time: 29:59
File Size: SD 369.6MB/ HD 1.69GB

Jim Brennan 6'1" 195 20yo
Gary Wayne 5'9" 175 21yo

Gary (purple speedos), former football player and current bodybuilder, comes to Movimus Wrestling for some action. With limited wrestling experience, Gary is eager to learn and ready to challenge the best Movimus has to offer. Jim (rust speedos) is still wrestling on the pro circuit in Texas and has put on about 20 lbs. of muscle. The power of Gary put the long, lanky , tough wrestler to the test.

Gary to easily able to get Jim on his back, but Jim's very long, strong legs keeps Gary from doing too much damage. It's a test of wills and power as these two young muscle boys use their arms and shoulders to try to get control. Jim just squeezes his legs tighter when Gary starts to get the advantage. Jim turns Gary and wraps him in a full body scissors using all his power and stamina to keep the muscle boy on his back. Gary struggles and finally gets free.

The next take down goes to Gary and Gary immediately gets behind Jim on his side on the mat. Jim is in trouble and Gary works hard for a full body scissors and choke. Gary is just so strong that Jim uses everything he has to keep the bodybuilder from clamping on the choke hold. Jim uses his height advantage to keep the body scissors around his hips, keeping the pressure off his mid section. This is really great wrestling.

A very even match. Two tough competitors not willing to submit to the other - always makes for a great match.

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