Sandro Vinnari vs. Ethan Lee

Total Running Time: 21:40
File Size: SD 268.4MB/ HD 1.25GB

Sandro Vinnari 5'10" 184 25yo
Ethan Lee 5'8" 182 25yo

Sandy (black & yellow striped speedo) asked NHB if he could wrestle one of the muscle boys from Battling Bodies 24 - so he got his match against Ethan (multi-colored speedo). Ethan is a powerhouse, but Sandro has the moves. This is strength against skill.

Even from his back, Ethan locks a tight head lock on Sandy that has him groaning. Ethan keeps trying to power out of all the moves that Sandy puts on him. Sandy has real strong legs, but they are no match for Ethan's powerful arms. Ethan just pushes out of a full body scissors. Early on in the match, Sandy tries using both his arms to lock up one of Ethan's arms. Ethan just powers out again, but as the match wears on, it gets harder and harder for Ethan to use that awesome power.

After 15 minutes of all out wrestling, Sandy starts to gain the upper hand. Ethan's power is waning. Sandy's skills are keeping the big guy down and struggling. It's great to see that much muscle getting pushed around the mat. Ethan hangs on for a long time and takes a lot of punishment, but in the end it's the skillful wrestler that wins out. Great match, super wrestlers- really nice guys.

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