Jay Phoenix vs. Lance Gilroy: Match 3

Total Running Time:  22:27
File Size: HD 1.32GB/ 4K 5.29GB

Jay Phoenix                   5’11”         197 lbs       20yo
Lance Gilroy                  5’8”           195 lbs       24yo

Lance (black-yellow speedos) has actually wrestled Jay (black-blue speedos) in the pro ring in Ohio last summer. (Jay is from Scotland and comes to the USA for some pro wrestling.) They know each others style, but they had not wrestled a real submission match against each other, except the tag team. Lance is a cocky dude, and he’ll do anything to win – absolutely anything. Rules mean nothing to him. If Lance is in trouble in a match, the rule book goes out the window.

Jay is much stronger than he looks and a skilled wrestler. He just won’t quit. He was determined not to tap out to Lance. Early on in the match, Lance puts on a front face lock that winds up across Jay’s adams’ apple. Jay is choking and can’t breathe, but not tapping. He hangs in against the python arms of Lance and escapes. Lots of leg work, some great scissors, chin locks and cross faces and tough ankle and leg locks. This is a no quit match, some wicked wrestling.

Jay is sporting a sun burn on his shoulders and Lance just rubs his shoulders on the mat each and every chance he gets. Lance may not have the skill of Jay, but he has much more determination and will power. Lance is strong as an ox and Jay gets that brute force. But Jay is a very skilled ,trained wrestler, amateur and professionally. He is not about to let the tuff guys take him down – and he doesn’t. Lance says he’ll go to Scotland for the rematch.


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