Jim Brennan vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 22:28
File Size: HD 1.31GB/ 4K 5.14GB

Jim Brennan 6’1” 199 20yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 196 23yo

Jim (black speedos) put on 15 pounds of muscle before challenging Max (rust speedos). Jim knew he was in for a real tough match. He honestly thought he could make himself a Movimus favorite by defeating Max. Jim is real solid. Wrestling him is like wrestling a “tree”. He doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him. But he gives up too easily, or so says Max. “I don’t have to put on the pressure. Once I get him in a good hold – he taps. He should at least try to get out! “ That’s cocky Max.

Mostly a one-sided match, Max has his way with Jim. Jim takes a good beating and winds up with an injured calf muscle. He was limping around for the next two days. Max Anderson is at his best against Jim. He uses moves and holds that he has not used before. He keeps Jim wrapped up for the entire match. Rarely is Jim able to execute a viable reversal – and when he does, Max just powers out and puts him in a nasty submission move. Max out did himself.

Bart Gilroy watched this match on tape. He’s itching for a rematch against Max. Bart vows to beat Max multiple times without choking him out. He’s wants to beat Max at this own style of submission wrestling.

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