Dillon Walsh vs. Blake Matson

Total Running Time: 23:23
File Size: HD 1.35GB/ 4K 5.29GB

Dillon Walsh                      5’11”         209 lbs           19yo
Blake Matson                    6’5”           202 lbs           23yo

This match is a match of opposites. Dillon (blue speedos) is shorter, solid, beefy, super muscular, aggressive and a real powerhouse. Blake (yellow speedos) is way tall, lanky, knows a lot of moves and holds, in great shape with outstanding stamina. We had no idea who would come out on top when we set up this match. Blake uses his long legs to his advantage, and he is very strong. Dillon has vicious power and he can hurt his opponent without really trying.

There is a definite winner. One guy taps more than one time, the other guy doesn't tap at all. What's your guess?? But it's by no stretch a squash job. It’s very even wrestling throughout - good moves, lots of reversals. Some really tough holds used by both wrestlers. Styles are different, but both guys are powerful. Blake uses moves and holds that suit his body and build, so does Dillon. This is really great.

Both wrestlers got off the mat and said, "bring on Max" . Max was at the studio watching this match. They got it. They both got their chance against Max Anderson. Incredibly awesome. Both those matches have been released and are currently on this site.


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