Jim Brennan vs. Jeff Powers

Total Running Time: 22:55
File Size: HD 1.32GB/ 4K 5.18GB

Jim Brennan                   6’1”         185 lbs          20yo
Jeff Powers                    5’7”          134 lbs         19yo

DAVID vs. GOLIATH! Jim (pink speedos) is a big guy and a great college athlete. Jeff (black speedos) is a little “fighter” trained and tough. He was really psyched for this match. He wanted to prove he can beat a big guy. This is awesome. Jeff is real tough and proves it. He won’t tap out. He takes just about everything Jim can put on him.

This is not at all one-sided. Jeff knows a lot. He’s got a lot of experience. He get control of Jim and has him in trouble a few times. Jeff has a vicious leg lock and he knows exactly where to apply the pressure to get a tap out. Jim tosses Jeff around but somehow, someway, Jeff winds up on top. Jim tries and armbar – Jeff wrestles out. Jeff locks his legs around Jim and Jim is struggling to escape the scissors. This is some awesome wrestling.

For all our customers that have asked for this type of match, here it is. These guys are much tougher then we expected and have a totally awesome match. Both wrestlers are already asking for a rematch.

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