Dan McGuire vs. T.T.

Total Running Time: 23:39
File Size: SD 291MB

Dan McGuire 5’7” 172 19yo
T. T. 5’10 188 19yo

Two IWF Professional Wrestlers (Independent Wrestling Federation) taking each other on in a submission match. These two teens are tough, trained and determined. Both wrestled in HS and moved into the IWF right after graduation. Dan (red speedos) has major attitude and loves taking down the big guys. He actually challenged Kevin Knight (225 lbs) 2 weeks ago. T.T. (blue speedos) is very skilled, tight, very muscular. T. T. wants a couple practice submission matches, then the wants Max Anderson and Christos Voronin on the mat.

Arm bars, ankle locks and leg locks are no strangers to these two wrestlers. They both use one after the other. There is a lot of tossing around the ring as these two tough wrestlers go all out to get the other to submit. T. T. gets the first fall after a series of real tight leg locks. But Dan comes right back and has T. T. in a lot of trouble with an arm bar, then an ankle lock. T. T. taps and it’s all evened up again.

But it doesn’t stay that way for long. Both wrestlers have awesome stamina. They could just keep going – full steam. They love mat wrestling and we thing you are going to see a lot more of both these teen wrestlers.

Wrestlers: Dan McGuire, Origins, T.T.

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