Christian Londis vs. Jeff Powers

Total Running Time: 19:42
File Size: HD 1.14GB/ 4K 4.5GB

Christian Londis            5’8”        153 lbs        20yo
Jeff Powers                   5’7”        136 lbs        19yo

Chris (Black fight shorts) flew in from California for his first Movimus match. Jeff (black/red fight shorts) is from Indiana and visiting NYC at the same time as Chris. Both these have judo and martial arts training as well as UFC fighting experience in their home states. Both were wrestlers in HS and both are in super shape. Jeff has no problem wrestling a bigger guy; in fact, he welcomes the challenge.   

Both wrestlers use really great moves on each other and go for the submission right off the bat. They both use ankle locks, and you can hear and see the strain and pain. Jeff uses those super powerful, yet skinny legs for a great triangle choke hold, only to have Chris power out and reverse the move. Only a couple submissions between these evenly matched wrestlers, but they are tough. Neither wrestler wants to lose, so each hangs on till the very end. Muscles bulging, tendons and ligaments straining, minds working real fast, this is a super match. For beginning wrestlers out there, you want to watch this one. You’ll learn a lot.

Look for both these guys a lot more on MOVIMUS WRESTLING.

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