Jim Brennan vs. Denny Webb

Total Running Time: 21:17
File Size: SD 260.8MB/ HD 1.25 GB

Jim Brennan 6’1” 185 20yo
Denny Webb 6’ 173 21yo

Denny (blue speedos ) comes back to Movimus to take on the long, lanky tough guy from Texas, Jim Brennan (black/green speedos) Jim is on the pro circuit in Texas, much like Denny is in Maine. They both love a good brawl, but more importantly , they both love to win. Both in excellent shape, these wrestlers go at each other non-stop and all-out for over 20 minutes. Jim has those tall lanky legs and he learned real quick how to use them.

Jim gets the first takedown, surprisingly, but soon enough Denny reverses and goes for a triangle choke. Jim easily powers out and frees his arm from the arm bar. They both use ankle locks on each other and you can see the pain on their faces. Each is putting the pressure on and asking the other to tap ! No way.

Denny throws Jim to the mat a few times, but Jim always manages to use his length and balance to reverse Denny and get the upper hand. A good exchanges of submissions from both wrestlers, this match definitely has a winner, and a proud one.

Jim was really impressed with Denny and with Movimus. You’re going to see a lot more of this tall Texan.

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