Christos Voronin vs. Brian Hollister: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:46
File Size: 282.4MB

Brian Hollister          6’        211        21yo
Christos Voronin      5’11”   181       18yo

THE REMATCH! We have never had two guys more psyched to wrestle each other than Brian (blue speedos) and Chris (black/green speedos). Their first match was the day before and it was rough. They each went out the night of the first match, but both came in early to be ready for the rematch. Chris is totally convinced he can beat the muscle boy. Brian just wants to wrap up Chris in his headlock and pour on the pressure.

They start off facing each other – very even. Brian gets the upper hand and begins to work over Chris. Chris uses his strong legs to reverse and try an arm bar – Brian powers out. They battle each other all out and rough. Neither wrestler is about to lose. Christos is one tough 18 year old. At 181 pounds, he has no trouble tossing the 211 pound muscle kid around the mat.

Brian clamps on his infamous head lock and cranks. Chris struggles and finally escapes. But the hold has had its effect. Brian’s huge arms and chest did some damage to the muscle teen. Chris refocuses and goes back at Brian. These wrestlers go at each other for twenty minutes. You can bet, this feud is not over yet.

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