Bobby Baker vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 29:05
File Size: SD 353.2MB/ HD 1.68GB

Bobby Baker                  6’           182 lbs           22yo
Max Anderson               5’11”       181 lbs           23yo

Bobby (red speedos) has been asking for a match against Max (black speedos) for years. Bobby has been training in Judo and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Totally confident, Bobby wanted to make a side bet that he would “crush” Max. So, it is  the confident BJJ Bobby against the consummate submission wrestler Max. No love lost here. Both guys wanted to win.

Max surprises Bobby right away by lifting him off the mat and putting him on his back for upper control. Test of strength – turns and power moves follow until Max makes the mistake of giving Bobby his right arm while Bobby’s shoulders are on the mat. The arm bar is in – ju-jitsu style – legs across the face and chest – and Max is in deep trouble. Bobby bridges on his feet and shoulders to apply added pressure and you can see the excruciating pain on Max’s face – but no submission. Max wrestles and pulls until he is free but his arm is “toast”. His elbow’s been extended.

Max then turns on the pressure himself and keeps Bobby away from his right arm. Lots of great moves and holds, a really tough match for both wrestlers. Bobby Baker fans have asked to see him wrestle Max – here it is – and it’s a definite barn-burner.

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