Jay Phoenix vs. Glenn Fox

Total Running Time: 20:07
File Size: 244.1MB


Jay Phoenix 5’11” 189 19yo
Glenn Fox 6’2” 183 19yo

Glenn (purple speedos) had watched Jay (black/gold speedos) wrestle for Movimus before and Glenn wanted a shot at him. He came to NYC for a couple matches, but definitely asked to take on Jay. Glenn knew that Jay has much more training and lot more mat time, but Glenn loves a challenge. “I may not beat him” he said, “but he’ll know he’s been in a fight” – and that is exactly what happened.

Jay figured he would be able to play around with the long, lanky swimmer. Jay was wrong. Glenn is way tougher than he looks and once he clamped his head lock on Jay, Jay knew he was in a real wrestling match. Glenn uses his long, powerful legs real well, and Jay had a lot of trouble escaping. Glenn clamped a head scissors on Jay that had Jay squirming under a lot of pressure for about 4 minutes. Then, when Jay escaped, Glenn threw it right back on again.

Jay used his tremendous power and skill to beat Glenn, but this is some really great wrestling. Glenn shows his stuff and Jay proves that he is up for any challenge.

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