Bart Gilroy vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 17:31
File Size: 176.5MB

                         Bart Gilroy               5’8”         191            21yo
                         Max Anderson         5’11”       184            22yo

Bart (purple speedos) watched every move and hold that Max (pink speedos) used against his brother and was determined to take down the Movimus tough guy. They start facing each other locked in a real test of power and muscle. Bart throws Max to the mat, gets behind him, body scissors him and puts some real pressure on his neck and back. You’ve got to see the look of determination on Bart’s face as he punishes Max. He keeps the pressure on Max for five minutes of torture. Max is already worn down from his match against Lance, but he’s not about to let “the younger brother” walk off that mat a winner.

Lots of moves and reversals for the next ten minutes of vicious wrestling. Each time Bart reverses and gets a move on Max, look at his face. Bart is totally concentrating on beating Max. He uses a front face choke to bring Max to the mat and Max throws a forearm into his gut. You don’t see Max Anderson lose his temper too often. Max narrowly escapes a nasty judo armbar and Bart can’t believe he got out of it. Bart finally uses a blatant choke to get Max to tap.

There are two more submissions in this match, and it ain’t pretty. Without a doubt, this has been Max’s toughest opponent so far. He got much more than he bargained for against Bart. This rematch is already planned and Max has been working out everyday (like he was 19 years old) and wrestles every chance he gets to be ready for the Gilroy Brothers rematch

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