Max Anderson vs. Lance Gilroy

Total Running Time: 19:12
File Size: SD 233.7MB/ HD 1.11GB

Lance Gilroy               5'8"           188 lbs           23yo
Max Anderson            5'11"         184 lbs           22yo

Lance (red speedos) was totally psyched to take on the Movimus favorite Max (blue speedos). Max was at the studio when Lance wrestled his brother, so he knew exactly what he was in for against Lance. Max gets the first takedown and moves behind Lance wrapping him in a leg split grapevine. Max has Lance's legs spread wide and Max is giving everything he's got to get this tough guy to tap out. Lance puts Max in a vice-like head lock, squeezes real hard and Max breaks the leg split.

There is a good exchange of moves and holds for the next few minutes until Max gets behind Lance locking him in a body scissors and reverse head lock. Lance tries for the cross ankle lock and misses, tries again and has Max locked in Max's own favorite hold. Max squirms in pain, pulls and pushes on Lance's neck, but it's no use. Max is forced to tap out.

The next match is even more physical. Both guys won't give even a little bit. The wrestling is aggressive and non-stop, and the respect these two wrestlers have for each other is obvious. Many different submission holds are tried by both wrestlers. They fight out, wrestle harder and keep throwing each other around.

This one ends in a draw. The rematch is already arranged.

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