Brian Hollister vs. Drew Dawkins: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:05
File Size: 261.8MB

                      Drew Dawkins                      6’            224         18yo
                      Brian Hollister                       6’            222         21yo

 THE REMATCH !             Brian (black speedos) is out to toss around Drew (blue speedos) in this match.   Brian has much more confidence and is totally cocky anyway.   But Drew is one strong, trained wrestler. He’s really at his best on his feet and after losing to Brian in their first match, he’s determined to keep Brian on his feet and wear him out. Both wrestlers work their strategies perfectly.   These two big guys push each other around the mat into totally exhaustion

Each wrestler is strong enough to break out of the others moves. So the goal has got to be to surprise the other guy with a really wicked finishing hold.   There is no love lost between these two - and it shows.   Brian has a nasty headlock that Drew doesn’t like at all.   Brian just keeps the pressure on Drew’s head and neck.   Drew loves the quarter and half nelson. There is no way he can get the powerful Brian into a full nelson.   Brian loves using his legs, but Drew simply won’t let him.   Drew shows Brian just how strong an eighteen year old can be.

Brian uses everything he’s got to turn Drew.   It’s not an easy task.   Brian uses his double chin lock, he tries an arm bar, he throws in a head scissors.   Drew breaks free.   This is some challenging wrestling, really give guys with great stamina.   There is a definite winner. These two wrestlers asked Movimus to use them in a tag team.   “VERY INTERESTING IDEA”.

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