The Gilroy Brothers: Lance vs. Bart

Total Running Time: 21:19
File Size: SD 259.8MB/ HD 1.24GB

Lance Gilroy             5’8”             188 lbs            23yo
Bart Gilroy                5’8”             190 lbs            21yo

Brothers Lance (dark hair) and Bart (blond hair) are trained wrestlers. Both wrestle pro matches and have been looking to do some submission matches. We asked them to start by wrestling each other. Other than some fights when they were teenagers, they have never wrestled a real, submission match against each other. They come to NYC ready to do some real battle. And BOY! Did they ever go at each other ! These two guys have incredible skill, super endurance, and they are both build tough to take a beating. Both HS wrestlers, they wanted to use their collegiate and pro skills on each other on the submission mat.

They both use awesome arm bars and know just how to twist and turn their opponent to cause maximum pain. Take a look at their legs – huge and just as strong. The younger brother, Bart, gets pushed around in the first match. Every time he gets a good hold, Lance squirms out and reverses. Bart takes a lot of punishment and comes back for the second match determined to put his older brother down – hard. That is exactly what he does.

Bart gives up in the first match after taking a lot of punishment. In the second fall he dominates. He has moves and holds on Lance that we have never seen at Movimus before. It’s the ultimate judo arm bar, with both legs across Lance’s chest and face, that gets Bart the submission. It’s even. Time is out. But it sure isn’t over.

Both Lance and Bart want Max Anderson – badly. They said they would do anything to get Max on the mat. They promise that they will show Movimus and the fans just how they can take Max apart. Those two matches are already set up. It’s going to happen. Max Anderson is going to have to prove himself against these two tough brothers. I can’t wait !

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