Connor Powell vs. Timmy Young

Total Running Time: 26:56
File Size: 324.2MB

Conner Powell                    5’7”            150 lbs        19yo
Timmy Young                     5’9”             162 lbs        20yo

Check out Conner Powell (red speedos) . Here is a real “gym bunny”. At only 150 lbs. he is cut, tight, worked out and strong. That is some wrestling body. We thought for sure Timmy (blue/black speedos) was going to get destroyed. We thought, no way could Timmy match strength with this muscle boy. WRONG!

Timmy is really good – strong, agile and knowledgeable. He is a really good wrestler and his legs are unbeatable. He loves that head scissors and not too many guys can break out of that hold. Conner uses his awesome power, but Timmy pounds on him. The muscle boy is taking a beating just five minutes into the match. Timmy is all over him. Conner powers out of a head lock just to get caught in a body scissors. He throws Timmy to the mat, just to have Timmy keep rolling and clamp up tight on Connor’s arms. At one point, Timmy is sitting on Connor’s chest with both Connor’s arms wrapped across his face – the muscle boy is helpless. Conner does manage to use his power to get a tap out, but that is a fluke. Timmy is THE MAN in this match. But you’ve got to see this awesome, incredible muscle boy take a beating - without a doubt, one of the best sites on Movimus Wrestling.

Conner is getting a wrestling coach. He’s dying to challenge JayJay Young – goin for the younger brother! We are all waiting to see that match up.

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