Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Glenn Fox

Total Running Time: 18:37
File Size: SD 227.1MB/ HD 1.08GB

Donnie “Brax” Braxton              5’11”           172 lbs               20yo
Glenn Fox                                 6’2”             183 lbs              19yo

Newcomer Glenn Fox (red/black speedos) is a college swimmer – take a look at him. An awesome athlete in many sports throughout HS and College, he loves a real challenge and came to Movimus psyched to wrestle to submission. Brax (black speedos) took one look at the muscular chest and legs on Glenn and said he wanted the match. Brax planned on catching Glenn in that wicked head lock of his and squeezing till the big guy tapped out. Well, he sure tried.

Glenn starts pushing Brax around and Brax counters with locks and holds that has the college guy working hard. Brax figured that Glenn would get tired fast. He was wrong. Glenn is in tremendous shape with super stamina. Not only does he last but he gets stronger and learns a lot from all the moves and holds that Brax is using. Brax told us after the match that he couldn’t believe how strong Glenn’s legs are. The more Brax gets pushed around the mat, the more respect he develops for Glenn. Glenn is out to make a good showing in his first match. Glenn uses his great chest and arm muscles to control Brax’ head almost through the entire match. Glenn keeps pulling and pushing on Brax’ head and neck keeping him from really putting the pressure on his holds.

Some great wrestling here. Only one submission in 25 minutes of wrestling. You’ve got to see who wins this – surprise, surprise, surprise! LOL

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