Max Anderson vs. Chet Masters

Total Running Time: 17:02
File Size: SD 202MB/ HD 988.6MB

Max Anderson 5’11” 192 22yo
Chet Masters 5’5” 153 18yo

Max (orange speedos) sat right at the Movimus studio and watched Chet (black/red speedos) take on, most impressively, the much bigger Alex Reid. Max couldn’t wait to get a shot at the “little tough guy”. Max is much bigger, more muscular, and has considerably more experience in submission wrestling. In no way was Chet even a little intimidated. He was more than ready to give the tough pretty boy an awesome wrestling experience. And that is exactly what he did.

You won’t believe what great wrestling this is. Chet goes all out and works with everything he’s got to get Max to tap. He tries to give his vicious head scissors on Max over and over again, but Max just won’t let it happen. Max shows some real wrestling skill himself, not by just keeping the “tough kid” off him but by using and holding many tight, tough holds of his own. Max works with everything he’s got and can’t believe what a hard time he has with this “tough little guy”. “That was the toughest wrestling I’ve ever done” said Max when sat down after the match was over.

These two guys went for twenty-five minutes continuously with only one submission, at the very end. It’s awesome – definitely Max most challenging match to date. You can bet!

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