Joel Kasper vs. Ben Young

Total Running Time: 31:01
File Size: 409.8MB

Joel Kasper             6’2”      153 lbs.       21yo
Ben Young              5’9”       174 lbs.       23yo

Muscular Ben (black speedos) is challenged by the real long and lanky tough guy Joel (blue/black speedos). Joel is new to submission wrestling but what a great athlete. He is an Olympic hopeful for South Africa in the high jump. Take a look at this kid’s legs – awesome. He is a real competition. He loves to win. He’s been an athlete all his life, competing in swimming, track, track and field and cross country.

Ben knows he ’s going to have tough match but he is not intimidated at all. He’s ready. He knows he has the skill and he plans on over powering the long lanky athlete. He told us before the match that he is going to “show this Olympic boy how to wrestle”. Right away he brings Joel to the mat and puts on the squeeze. Over and over again he brings the tough guy down and works him over. Ben is really giving Joel a pounding. Joel works some tough moves and holds of his own, and he does get better as the match progresses but Ben is just incredible. He won’t tap out and he keeps pounding on the athlete. Joel doesn’t get discouraged at all, he keeps coming back more skilled and tougher with each match.

This is great- super bodies – tremendous athletes – giving each other a real challenge. Joel gets his butt whooped, but he just more determined to do better. He’s already setting up practice sessions in South Africa. This Kid is going to be someone to look out for.

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