Erik Brown vs. Denny Webb: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 20:30
File Size: SD 248.4MB/ HD 1.17 GB

Erik Brown 5'9" 159 20yo
Denny Webb 5'10" 173 19yo

THE REMATCH! Denny (green speedos) wanted this rematch badly. He's been putting on size and muscle and wrestling a lot. He knows how strong Erik (blue speedos) is and he thinks he's much more prepared to handle the muscle boy. Erik is really confident that he beat Denny before and he can do it again. Denny comes out tough and determined. He goes for one of his infamous take-down throws and misses. Erik gets on top and begins to work out the bigger Denny. Lots of different locks has Denny squirming to get free. He reverses a couple times, but Erik uses his awesome strength to regain the upper hand. Denny is getting pushed around by a tough guy, fifteen pounds lighter than himself.

Erik has been practicing the arm bar and uses it on Denny. Denny continues to show his skill and ability, but still takes a pounding from Erik. The submission (three of them) are all one sided, but the action is as good as it gets. Denny is a tough, competitive guy. He is a skilled wrestler and his attitude is great. Erik takes the bigger guy down and gives him a lesson. There is some excellent submission wrestling between these two, young tough guys. This is submission wrestling at it's best.


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