Matt DiNapoli vs. Greg Ramsey

Total Running Time: 20:39
File Size: 248.3MB

Matt DiNapoli 5'8" 153 22yo
Greg Ramsey 5'7" 138 20yo

Awesome! Fantastic! One of Movimus' best matches. Greg (black speedos) is forced to tap out for the first time in a Movimus match. Greg remarks "damn, look at the size of his legs", before the match. Matt (red speedos) is a "real" submission wrestler - it's the only wrestling he's ever done, and he's good. Greg has to adjust his style to come out on top of this tough wrestler. Greg has phenomenally strong thighs. Once he gets you in his head scissors, you will tap - as you can watch in this match. Greg doesn't even have to use his arms. He throws in that head scissors, let's go with his arms, and just squeezes. It's totally great!

But no 150-pounder has legs like Matt, and he surely knows how to use them. He keeps Greg tied up in a body scissors for almost 10 minutes, and Greg is really hurting. After the match, he complained about his sore ribs for the next three days. But Greg is a trained collegiate wrestler, and he loves all variations of the arm bar. He really gets Matt's arm good, and Matt has to tap. You'll see him keep rubbing his elbow after that vicious hold. These guys are evenly matched, tough, strong, and great wrestlers. You've got to watch this match.

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