Denny Webb vs. Donnie "Brax" Braxton

Total Running Time: 22:30
File Size: SD 277.9MB/ HD 1.31GB

Denny Webb 5'10" 170 19yo
Donnie "Brax" Braxton 5'11" 169 20yo

You can't get two more evenly matched, young, good looking guys than these two skilled wrestlers. Both wrestled in HS. Both workout daily. Both are very competitive and powerful. Brax ( light blue speedos) is out to prove what a tough kid he really is and to impress us. Denny (navy blue speedos) just loves to wrestle. Denny will wrestle anyone at anytime. He's a real mat brawler.

Just about every hold known in submission wrestling is used or tried by these skilled power boys. Brax uses a really nasty guillotine on Denny to get the first submission. It's an awesome hold. Denny is stretched beyond where anyone should ever be stretched. It's incredible and super to watch this hold. Full nelsons, scissors of all kinds, headlocks, shoot take downs, and all kinds of other moves, holds and throws are right here. These wrestlers pull out all the stops. This is the kind of match you can watch to improve your own wrestling skills. These guys are great.

There are at six tap outs and no definite winner. They each tap out three times. Neither wrestler gets winded - they are both in too good shape. Both Denny and Brax are asking to team up and do some tag team action against the other Movimus Wrestlers. Denny is asking for a match against Greg Ramsey and Erik Brown. They would be great matches. We'll work on it.

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