Denny Webb vs. Erik Brown

Total Running Time: 23:54
File Size: SD 290.4MB/ HD 1.39GB

Denny Webb                5'9"          172 lbs          19yo
Erik Brown                   5'9"          171 lbs           20yo

Denny (red speedos ), with about 10 extra pounds of muscle, wanted to challenge Erik (blue speedos ) ever since Erik beat Max Anderson. Denny is totally intense. He wrestles like his whole life depends on the outcome of this match. He hates to lose - and it shows! But Erik is one strong boy! His legs and hips are so strong that the toughest guys (some 25 lbs. heavier than him) have trouble breaking his holds. Denny tries tossing and throwing Erik around the mat, but it has no effect on Erik. The exchange of holds is awesome. Denny's headlock has Erik in trouble, but with the confidence that he will be able to break the hold and escape - he does.

There is only one tap out in this one - it comes in the middle of the match. We're going to let you see who gets it. The next 15 minutes of wrestling is the loser trying everything in his arsenal to get his opponent to submit. He just can't get that one tap out. These young wrestlers are in great shape and they could have gone on for at least another hour - probably without a submission. Someday we are just going to let these well-built, young, bodybuilder-type wrestlers go at it until there is a definite winner.

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