Bobby Baker vs. Sandro Vinnari

Total Running Time: 45:38
File Size: 554.1MB

Bobby Baker              6'           168 lbs          20yo
Sandro Vinnari           5'11"      173 lbs          22yo

Sandro (black speedos) comes to Movimus with a load of submission wrestling experience. Since Bobby (green speedos) has been working out a lot and practicing weekly, we thought this was be a good match up. These two wrestlers got at it for thirty (30) minutes with only one submission at the very end. The exchange of holds is endless. Sandro uses his skill to control Bobby, but watch out for Bobby's legs. More than one time Sandro finds himself in a tight head scissors struggling with everything he has to escape. Bobby is really tough and getting much, much better at submission wrestling. All his practicing sure shows in this match.

Sandro is a "skill master". He's been wrestling submission matches since he was a sophomore in High School and he is just as strong as he looks. Take a look at his awesome legs - one powerful scissors there. More than one time, Bobby finds himself wrapped up on the verge of taping out but he hangs in there. Both these wrestlers are not about to quit until it is over - that is just what we like to see at Movimus. You won't be disappointed with this match and these wrestlers. Look for a lot more of both of them on Movimus Wrestling.

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