Bobby Baker vs. Denny Webb

Total Running Time: 21:17
File Size: 256.3MB

Bobby Baker     5'11"    168lbs.   19yo
Denny Webb     5'11"    165lbs    19yo

Liam O'Connor's new wrestling space in Chicago is the setting for this action match. There are four huge mats that cover the whole floor and allow for the best setting for a great wrestling match. Bobby (green speedos) has been working out with Liam and the other Chicago wrestlers and has been asking for a more challenging match (although he had his hands full against Kerry Bond.)

Denny (red speedos) is the perfect match. Denny has much more wrestling experience - he's a HS wrestler and does pro matches now. Bobby is pumped and wants more wins in his column so he is totally ready to lay a beating of tough boy Denny.

Denny takes control early in the match - even though Bobby comes out really fast and hard. That is just the way Denny likes it and when he does his best. So he gets Bobby in an early arm bar that has Bobby writhing in pain looking for any way out. Bobby knows that he has the skill to beat Denny if he can just get Denny into the right hold at the right time. Denny is the essence of confidence and skill.

The exchange of holds is awesome between these two teens. They are so very evenly matched, that all through the match, We had no idea who would come out on top. There is just one submission after 20 minutes of continuous, well fought, wrestling. You can bet that you will see a lot more those these two teen wrestlers on Movimus Wrestling - hopefully, against each other.

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