Craig Mallick vs. Monte Cameron

Total Running Time: 39:38
File Size: 498.1MB

Craig Mallick                          5’9”         159          20yo
Monte Cameron                     5’9”         157          18yo

Monte (grey shorts) is a somewhat inexperienced wrestler, but he wanted to challenge Craig (red speedos) Monte watched Craig take on Ben Young and he was just waiting for his chance at Craig. Actually this match took place the very next day. Monte's thighs are really strong. Watch how he easily tosses Craig with his legs. Craig uses his skill and intensity (he hates to lose) to try to manipulate Monte. Craig proves that he can do it, and Monte proves that he can take it - and reverse the move. Monte gets a couple really tough submissions out of Craig, but Craig comes right back - tough, rougher and more determined to win.

Monte learns the head scissors right away and he puts the scrappy Craig in pain. Craig tries everything to escape, even a head scissors of his own, but he eventually taps. Craig uses a vicious arm bar, and Monte soon learns there is no way out of that. But Monte's power leads him to a full nelson - a very, very effective full nelson. He likes that a lot, and he uses it over and over again, frustrating Craig each and every time.

This is 30 minutes of the some of the best Movimus submission wrestling you will see. Once again these South African wrestlers prove that they are tough and willing to go all out. We continue to be impressed with their ability and power.

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