Max Anderson vs. Jax Holland: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 25:38
File Size: 308MB

Max Anderson                5'11"            181 lbs         20yo
Jax Holland                    6'                 194 lbs         19yo

The Rematch ! Jax is ready. He came to NYC just to wrestle a rematch with Max. He's been wrestling with his football buddy, Brian Hollister, just to be able to handle Max. His endurance is at it's peak. He is in the best shape of his life and he will do anything he needs to do to beat Max. A number of the Movimus wrestlers came to the studio this Sunday afternoon to watch this match. Both these guys are ready.

When Max gets choked out and taps, Jax is full of apologies telling Max that he didn't mean to choke him and all that bull. The fact is that Jax would do it again if he gets the chance and Max knew that. Max just gets more intense and much more quick with his moves and holds. Max has a real hard time overpowering Jax - Jax is just too strong - so Max tries using more speed and skill. He really tosses Jax for a while and Jax can't handle that. Max really shows his ability, but Jax show his power when he shoves and pushes his way out of most every tight lock. This is some awesome wrestling.

Both guys tap out and both guys win, but there is still a definite winner. This is not over. Both these wrestlers want to settle this feud. Problem is that both are so strong, same attitude, good skills and won't quit that these matches could go on evenly for years. Who cares? Movimus will keep these muscle boys wrestling. We can't get enough of these two power boys.

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