Paul Ritacco vs. Lenny O'Toole

Total Running Time: 27:03
File Size: 330.2MB

Paul Ritacco 5'10" 154 18yo
Lenny O'Toole 5'10" 164 18yo

Paul (Black speedos) has been bulking up since his loss to Bobby Baker. He put on more than fifteen pounds of muscle and has been wrestling around with his friends often. Lenny (black-red speedos) is one of those friends that has been asking for a Movimus match against Paul. These two teens are bound and determined not to lose to each other. It's a hot, humid night in Chicago when these two teens decide to do battle.

Lenny tries to throw Paul around the mat, but Paul will have none of that. Paul has those incredible legs and Lenny knows enough to stay away from them. The heat and humidity makes for a really sweaty match. Finally, Paul gets behind Lenny, cross-faces him and body scissors him into submission. The second match is just as tough - lots of equal exchanges, great leg locks from both wrestlers. Finally, Lenny cross faces and body scissors Paul and he is done. Amazing - Paul taped.

The third fall is wicked. Both guys do not want to lose. It goes on and on and no one will give up. We were actually thinking of a draw on this really hot night, when the speed got faster, the holds tougher, the wrestling more intense and finally, a tap out. Very excellent match. You'll love these two teenage friends tearing each other apart.

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