Max Anderson vs. Brian Hollister

Total Running Time: 23:47
File Size: 285.8MB

Max Anderson              5'11"            183 lbs            20yo
Brian Hollister               6'                 192 lbs            19yo

Max (green speedos) faces his toughest challenge so far in Brian (red-black speedo). Brian has already done a match for us. His football buddy, Jax Holland, brought him to Movimus. Their match will be released in the near future. Brian is a very, very strong and muscular Texas boy with a great personality and attitude to match. He already watched Max take his buddy Jax and he was totally psyched for his battle with Max. He knew it was not going to be easy, but he wanted a piece of Max Anderson in the worst way. Max wrestles with tremendous confidence, as always, but Brian tosses Max around the mat pretty easily.

When Brian gets behind Max and clamps a cross-face and full body scissors, Max wraps his legs over Brian's ankles for a vicious leg lock and has Brian screaming in pain. Max won't let go and Brian taps. That's when the verbal abuse starts. Brian is really mad, but won't show it. Max talks trash and get Brian even more angry. Brian is now a lot more cautious and has to use his powerful muscles to escape Max a few times. But Brian does his own share of damage. His headlock with 190 pounds of muscle crushing your skull is no fun and and Max finds that out. You'll see Max's muscles flexed to the max, stretched beyond what you could possibly imagine, and pounded until they are sore.

You want to see what Max Anderson is made of, then watch him against the Texas Tough Guy. Brian wanted a second match against Max right away, immediately after this match was over. We delayed it to give them both a break, but you're going to want to see their first encounter before you witness the destruction in their second.

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