Max Anderson vs. David Pollona

Total Running Time: 21:12
File Size: 254.3MB

Max Anderson 5'11" 183 20yo
Davide Pollona 5'9" 205 28yo

Davide (blue speedos) put on 20 pounds of muscle since his last Movimus match, about 2 years ago. Now living in the US (originally from Florence, Italy), David asked us for a match against the undefeated Max Anderson (yellow speedos). David was pretty confident he could handle the tough pretty boy and he was convinced he would walk off that mat a winner. Max was initially intimidated by David's size, especially when he back-flipped onto the mat and flexed his huge arms. Max made the mistake of wrestling at David's pace the first match and eventually got caught in a vicious choke and body scissors. Max did everything he could to get David's arms off of him, but he was forced to tap.

That was all Max needed. He went to work on David from that point on. Another 15 minutes of awesome exchanges between these two body builders. Max used his speed on David and wore him down. David powered out of almost every move that Max got him into. This is some of the roughest Movimus wrestling we have seen. These two guys both want the win badly. The match is mostly even throughout. The tap outs are very few and you can bet a rematch is in the future.

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