Max Anderson vs. Jax Holland

Total Running Time: 22:27
File Size: 272.4MB

Max Anderson            5'11         183 lbs        20yo
Jax Holland                6'             190 lbs        19yo

Jax (blue speedos) told us he was ready for Max (blue-black speedos) right after his great match against JonMarc Hogan on. Jax went back to Texas and began wrestling around with some of his football buddies ñ just for practice to get ready for Max. He watched Max's matches and was sure he was ready for the tough, pretty boy. Max was totally psyched to beat the college football boy. Max wanted this match, and he totally wanted to beat Jax decisively.

Max relied on his skill more that his power. He put a tight arm bar on Jax early on in the match, and Jax just flexed out of the hold. Max has incredible balance and managed to stay on top of Jax long enough to get to work Jax into a vicious body scissors, squeezed the muscle boy so hard that Jax got dizzy and tapped out. Jax came back mad! He put a front face lock on Max, went to the mat on his back and cranked on Max's head for about 15 seconds until Max tapped. The pretty boy was shocked and not happy. From that point on , we have some awesome wrestling match.

The next two submissions took what seemed like forever. A decisive winner and one angry loser. Totally incredible wrestling. Tough, strong, smooth young wrestlers with more muscle and power then they even realize. Jax went back to Texas telling us that he would be back and Max was a "dead man".

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