JonMarc Hogan vs. Jax Holland

Total Running Time: 19:37
File Size: 237.6MB

JonMarc Hogan 6'3" 194 18yo
Jax Holland 6' 190 19yo

Take a look at these two awesome, in shape guys. JonMarc (navy blue speedos) played Quarterback for his HS Football team. Tremendous shape, super powerful legs. Jax plays tight end for his college football team. Also tremendous shape, very muscular upper body and legs to match. Both these Texans came to NYC ready to wrestle and both were out to win this match - no matter what it took. The action is fast and continuous. There is only one short break in the first match, a vicious exchange of holds and total mat wrestling. Wicked headlocks become the trade mark of this first match. Both wrap their legs around the opponent, but never get the squeeze just right. They finally go off the mat, continue to wrestle, and JonMarc gets choked out ñ right across the wind pipe.

The second match starts with one of the best head scissors I've ever witnessed in Movimus Wrestling. JonMarc is the recipient. He wrestles out of Jax's legs and then takes over the match. He pounces on Jax for all of 10 minutes until he finally gets the powerhouse to tap out.

There is no third match here ñ these guys were spent and it would not have been a pretty site. But you can be totally assured that this is not over. These two guys are not only going to finish with each other, but they are bringing their football friends to wrestle. Watch for all of them on Movimus Wrestling.

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