JonMarc Hogan vs. Jax Holland

Total Running Time: 19:37
File Size: SD 237.6MB/ 4K 4.1GB

JonMarc Hogan 6'3" 194 18yo
Jax Holland 6' 190 19yo

Check out the epic showdown between JonMarc in navy blue speedos and Jax, both formidable athletes from Texas with backgrounds in high school and college football. Their match in NYC is fueled by a fierce determination to win at all costs.

The action is non-stop from the start, with intense exchanges of holds and mat wrestling defining the first match. Wicked headlocks become a trademark, as both wrestlers showcase their powerful legs in attempts to gain the upper hand. In a shocking turn, JonMarc succumbs to a chokehold, ending the first match abruptly.

The second match kicks off with a remarkable head scissors maneuver, with JonMarc initially on the receiving end. However, he quickly turns the tables, dominating Jax for a solid 10 minutes until Jax taps out.

While there's no third match due to exhaustion, the rivalry between JonMarc and Jax is far from over. Stay tuned as they plan to settle the score with their football friends in future matches on Movimus Wrestling. Don't miss the thrilling action as these athletes bring their competitive spirit to the mat!

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