Bobby Baker vs. Paul Ritacco

Total Running Time: 34:21
File Size: SD 407.6MB/ HD 1.97GB

Bobby Baker                 5'11"          166 lbs            19yo
Paul Ritacco                 5'9"`           140 lbs            18yo

Paul (black speedos) was at the Chicago Rec Room to watch Bobby (green speedos) take on Tino Bravado. Paul has been asking us for a match against Bobby ever since. Paul figured that he could catch Bobby with his legs. He knows his legs are very, very strong and he figured one good head scissors and Bobby would submit. Paul knows that Bobby is stronger, but it made no difference. Paul wanted the match and the win.

Paul immediately throws a front face lock on Bobby and hangs on tight as Bobby tries to power out. Paul keeps control and keeps working on the bigger guy. Even when Bobby gets behind and tries a body scissors, Paul squirms and muscles out. Eventually, Bobby gets a head lock from the rear, turns it into a cross face, and throws in the body scissors. Paul is pushed into taping and he doesn't like it at all.

From that point on, this match turns into a real brawl. Paul pulls out all the stops. He does everything he can to get the big guy on the mat, in a tight leg hold. looking for a submission. It's like Paul doesn't care what happens to him as long as he beats Bobby. Bobby is sure up for the challenge and loves wrestling this kid. It's a great brawl. You'll watch this match over and over and over again.


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