Max Anderson vs. Cody James

Total Running Time: 23:05
File Size: 278.4MB/ HD 1.57GB

Cody James           5’11”        181        
Max Anderson         5’11”        178       

                Talk about evenly matched, tough, trained submission wrestlers! You’ve got them here! Cody (blue speedos) is tougher and stronger than ever. Max (pink speedos) is always in great shape ready for a brawl. Both these guys hate to lose more than anything and they are both good brawlers. Cody gets the first takedown and has Max in a tight head lock. Max reverses and gets a body scissors on Cody, but Cody just relaxes in it.   Cody reverses trying for a head scissors on Max and gets a cross-face and body scissors that has Max struggling to get out of. He finally stands to break the hold.

                Once again they are on their feet ready to go at each other. That is the way the whole match goes, lots of give and take. Cody’s temper flairs a couple times. At one point he knees Max in the groin. That stops the match for about 15 minutes, but it sure does continue. The match ends in a draw – both wrestlers agree immediately on a rematch.   These two guys are talking about becoming a Movimus tag team. They really want to be partners and take on all comers. INTERESTING IDEA! We’d have to get some rough, tough, probably bigger opponents to take them on. Watch for it only on Movimus Wrestling!

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