Chuck "Flying Tiger" Collins vs. Marc Matthews

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Chuck "Flying Tiger" Collins 5'8" 147 44yo
Marc Matthews 5'9" 147 38yo

Marc (grey speedos) has been asking for a challenge match against Chuck (yellow speedos) for months. They actually arranged this match themselves and came to us with the challenge. Marc is totally confident that he can handle Chuck. He watched the earlier match against Kyle Bradford and Marc was sure he could defeat 'Tiger'.

But Chuck is not a pushover and he may be a smaller guy, but he has beat some of the best. Chuck never turns down a real challenge. Marc starts out with a head lock and brings Chuck to the mat. He cranks it pretty good until Chuck throws a surprise head scissors on Marc. Marc told us later how amazed he was at the power in Chuck's legs. He was afraid that he would tap in just 30 seconds of the first match. There is a lot of give and take for the next 10 minutes, lots of great submission moves and holds from these two experienced wrestlers.

At the end of the second fall, the score is 1 - 1 and Marc is not about to lose. The third fall is decisive, aggressive, very rough and there is a definite (surprise) winner. It's always great to see the more experience wrestlers challenge each other. The matches and holds are OH SO REAL, and the competition is intense. Usually the winner is the wrestler who can contrive the most surprises.

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