Max Anderson vs. Asante

Total Running Time: 24:50
File Size: 304.1MB/ HD 1.67GB

Asante                      6'1"                 187 lbs            31yo
Max Anderson          5 '11"              182 lbs            20yo

Asante (blue speedos) called Movimus to challenge Max (red speedos) as soon as he saw Patrick Donovan wrestle Max. Asante and Patrick had a really good match, very even and close. When Asante saw the great match that Max gave Patrick, he wanted a shot at the bodybuilder. But Max has been practicing various moves and holds on his bodybuilder friends. He's been letting these other tough guys get him in many holds, and he's been working to get out of them. He's been working on perfecting moves himself, especially using his very powerful legs. Asante was in for the match of his life and didn't know it.

Max brings Asante to the mat right off the bell and throws in his favorite, the cradle. Asante is completely tied up, but never close to tapping. Max continues the onslaught until finally Asante reverses and catches Max in a full nelson that has Max really hurting. Max tries using every muscle in his body, trashes around the mat trying to escape, but Asante holds on real tight and Max is in trouble. Finally, Max just lets his muscular body go completely limp, and slides right out of the nelson. Asante is more than surprised and keeps pushing for more arduous holds but Max isn't going to let that happen. Finally, Max gets on top and wraps both Asante's arms over his head and gets the tap.

The second match is grueling (so is the first) and these two wrestler are spent when it is over. Max keeps up the pressure, using all kinds of new moves and holds on Asante. Asante uses his powerful arms to push Max away and keeps going for a headlock or clamp that Max is not going to let happen. Awesome use of legs by Max, and Max has the muscular legs that can make an opponent grimace in pain. Max has learned how to use his upper body for control and his lower body for the submission. Watch him at work in this match. Look to Max to take on some of Movimus' best. Cody James and Bass Berlin are in the lineup for Max. Bobby Bigelow can't wait to take him on.

Wrestlers: Asante, Max Anderson, Origins

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