Simon Jackson vs. JC Slinger

Total Running Time: 23:25
File Size: 287.9MB

Simon Jackson              6'          164 lbs          20yo
JC Slinger                      5'9"       162 lbs          21yo

JC (red speedo) was feeling pretty confident in his wrestling ability since he did so well against the undefeated Cal Fairchild. He asked us if he could challenge Simon (pink speedos). Simon is a much improved wrestler since he first started with Movimus. He Has learned not to give up, and he has learned that his legs are his best weapon. JC is a scrapper and he wanted a shot at the experienced Simon.

This match is a real NHB wrestling brawl. JC is determined not to let the powerful Simon get him at all and he is totally convinced that he can beat Simon. They wrestle in the Rec Room without holding back at all. Both men use the choke hold most effectively on each other, but neither will submit. At one point Simon is being choked so tight for so long, that we thought he was going to pass out. The action is continuous and rough. This is all submission wrestling at it's best.

But there is a definite winner and there is no question who that is. Cross leg locks, choke holds, and arm bars don't work on these guys, but a vicious head scissors get a tap from JC and a reverse head scissors and chin lock get a submission from Simon. Both wrestlers now know each others weakness and they totally go for it. Super wrestling.

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