MJ Walker vs. Simon Jackson: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 14:46
File Size: 126.9MB 

As you can tell at the end of their first match, Simon (black speedos) was ready to keep going against MJ (blue speedos).  Simon has been consistently telling us and his friends how he could beat MJ.  He's been working out with some of the other Movimus wrestlers, using lots of tricky submission moves and holds.  MJ is the man-to-beat, and Simon knows it.  There is a list of Movimus wrestlers that want to wrestle MJ and Simon is at the top of the list.  So we put them in the sand pit.  No restriction on space and room.  Lots of throws and brawling.

Simon goes for MJ's legs right away and brings him to the ground, but on the way down, MJ grabs Simon's neck and applies a deadly choke hold.  Simon struggles but can't brake those incredible forarms on MJ.  Simon submits in the first fall after only about a minute.

Not believing what just happened, Simon comes back stronger and harder, but so does MJ.  These guys really battle it out for another 15 minutes.  It's give and take, but it's almost like MJ won't let himself get beat by this younger high school wrestler.  MJ feels like he has something to prove.  MJ wrestles so hard, fast and powerfully that he is pumped and cut like we've never seen him look before.  What a tremendous athlete MJ is.  Simon just keeps coming at him.  It seems that the stronger and tougher MJ gets, the more determined Simon is to beat the "tough guy".

Keep watching Simon and MJ on Movimus Wrestling.   They are both accumulating challenges from the other wrestlers.

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