MJ Walker vs. Simon Jackson

Total Running Time: 20:22
File Size: 174.5MB

Simon (navy blue striped speedos) just turned 18 years old, graduated from High School, where he was a varsity wrestler for all four years. He is an incredible athlete, spending much of his free time in the weight room. He is a good collegiate wrestler, but he is much more of a brawler who loves a hard fought submission match. MJ (purple speedos) was totally psyched to wrestle a HS wrestler. MJ was confident that he could handle the "kid" without a lot of effort.

     MJ gained control right off the start and wouldn't give the "kid" much of a chance to reverse the locks and holds that MJ maintained from behind. They strained and struggled for a long time, Simon definitely getting the worst of it, until finally Simon reversed MJ, threw in a great had lock and poured on the pressure.  Simon used all his muscle, flexed and tensed, to hold MJ and squeeze. A MJ finally escaped, Simon, with lighting speed, switched to a front face lock, then clamped on an incredible head scissors that had MJ not only completely surprised but in dire trouble, ready to submit.  We thought it was all over for MJ, but his awesome wrestlers attitude prevailed and MJ reversed the hold.

     As Simon tried to throw a body scissors on MJ, MJ countered, quite successfully.  MJ wasn't about to let the "kid" get anymore situations o him and he did all he could to dominate the rest of the match until the "kid" finally submitted.  Simon was ready to continue, but time ran out. You will definitely see a rematch between these two tough wrestlers.

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