Sal Piper vs. Enrique Tallos

Total Running Time: 32:53
File Size: 400.9MB

Sal Piper 6' 175 30yo
Enrique Tallos 5'5" 134 18yo

This is a real grudge challenge. Enrique (blue speedos) has been challenging Sal (green speedos) ever since he came to Movimus. Sal thought the young guy was joke. The always cocky Sal Piper had no doubt that this was going to be a fun match, totally one sided in his favor. He knew he could toss Enrique around and beat him whenever he wanted too.

Enrique is one tough kid, as we have seen in all his matches. Sal uses his height , weight and experience in the Chicago Rec Room to gain control and keep it, But Enrique isn't even a little bit impressed. He eventually gains the upper hand and goes right for a blatant choke right across Sal's throat ñ and he doesn't quit. Each time Sal pushes Enriques' hands away from his throat, Enrique comes right back with another choke. Sal eventually has enough, powers Enrique over and throws in a tight chicken wing. He cranks it hard , for a long time, until Enrique finally taps.

The second match is much more intense. Enrique stops the blatant choking, but really uses his very strong legs all over Sal. It's give and take, and very tough. Enrique works hard to stay on top, and does. Sal is using everything he knows to get Enrique off him, but he can't. Finally Enrique puts a fast, tight, awesome head scissors on and it's all over for Sal. Suddenly Sal learns the meaning of respect.

There are two more submissions from these great wrestlers and a promise of a rematch.

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